Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where has the time Gone!!!

OK so allot has happened in the last 2 months I have been dying to share it with all of you !!!!The first pictures is Brian with the girls and a friend on there first daddy daughter date.Then there are tons of pictures from going sight seeing with mine and Brian's parents who where both here for DOCTOR BRIAN ROGERS GRADUATION!!!!! YES Woo ya.....Brian Rocks !!! he is so awesome to be able to get through school with 6 kids and a crazy wife. Then there are pictures of # 1 5th grade Graduation and then there are pictures of all the birthday's in the last to months . Thank you to all of you for your great support and encouragement we love and can't wait to see soon in the west

Brian received the Clinical Teaching Assistant Award. (earlier on grad day)

#1 has graduated from 5th grade and will be in Middle school next school year (where did that

11 1/2 years go??)

# 6 has turn 2!!! She is a little ball of Fire!! She sang happy birthday to her self. It was so cute!!!

#3 has turn 8 !!! She will be baptized in Utah on the 5th of July! Super great!!!

#5 has now turned 4!!!! He is the cutest thing every. (Besides my other 5 children)

#4 is 6 now! Is that just a great picture or what!!!